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The Story

Privilege is a short film about two young Black men who meet in a local barbershop and start off on the wrong foot after a heated argument. These men represent the African Diaspora, and the constant misunderstanding between the different groups of the Diaspora. In this film, the constant battle of “who has/had it worse” and “who is/was better off” is the main topic discussed.

Privilege tackles the issues of race, class, and all the privileges that are associated with all these terms. This film dissects issues that divide the African Diaspora, the clash of cultures and harms of toxic representations. Privilege’s cast and crew includes people from different backgrounds.
Privilege is a short film about two young Black men who do not understand their own essence, so they take it out on each other whenever they are in the same room. These men represent the African Diaspora, and the constant misunderstanding between the different groups of the Diaspora. In this film, the constant battle of“whohas/had it worse” and“whois/was better off” is the main topic discused. 
Adetoro is  a Nigerian born and raised young man, who recently moved to America. Rashad is an American born and raised young man. Both characters embark on a journey where they have to unlearn all they have been taught, but realize the journey is not easy.
These two young Black men meet each other at the local barbershop, Oshane’s Barbershop, where they end up in a heated disagreement creating tension between the two men. Being that they live in the same neighborhood, they always end up where the other is as if their destinies are aligned with each other. One day, both end up in a life or death situation that proves to them that they are more connected to one another than they can imagine. 
Think of Black Panther and the essence of that movie for the world. Privilegeis just that.

Cast & Crew

omò pastor

Writer and Director
omó pastor is a published storyteller through writings, film, and photographs based in New York. A couple of her works have been published in The Register and the Aggie Press. Her creative lens focuses on the intersection of gender, sexuality, emotions, and history while being of African ancestry throughout the Diaspora in today’s society. omó pastor is an alumna of the Nate Parker Foundation where she played a role as a cinematographer for the short film #Hashtag. Currently, she teaches high school students the art of film while creating their own stories through films.

Jalea Jackson

Jalea Jackson is a director and producer who aims to create films that spark conversation. She was one of 30 students who piloted the Nate Parker Film School at Wiley College in Marshall, TX. As a recent Honors and Theatre graduate from Louisiana State University (LSU), Jalea has won multiple awards for her work as an editor, photographer, filmmaker and producer. In LSU’s Take 2 Film Festival 2016 she won Best Director, Best Documentary and Honorable Mention for Best Drama. She also won Best Screenplay in LSU’s UTIES 2016. Since graduating in May 2016, Jalea has continued to pursue her dream of directing and producing.


Kaykay is a New York City based Filmmaker and Cinematographer, to be our Director of Photography. He is a content creator that is competent in each step of video creation, all the way from the literary scene to the varying audiovisual persuasions. His work palette features videos for Ebay, OKAYAFRICA, AFROPUNK, Toner Connect among other personal short film projects.

Anike 'Liz' 'Mama Sade' Akinbode

Anike ‘Liz’ ‘Mama Sade’ Akinbode is an international media personality with an instagram character, ‘Mama Sade’. She has worked with the Odunlade Adekola, Majah Hype, Afropolitan NYC, Ankara Bazaar and more. She has also appeared in Foreign Minds Think Alike, a film created by Majah Hype.

Arielle Steele

Assistant Director
Arielle Steele is an aspiring producer from Albany, NY, and an alumna of Williams College. When she is not dreaming of her next production, she is volunteering with a local film company called YouthFX, a company dedicated to the enrichment of underprivileged youth through film studies. Arielle, also, serves the Albany School District as a teaching assistant, effectively balancing her love of film and education.

Andrew Drake

Andrew Drake plays Rashad, and he is a National and Regional Slam poet as well as an actor. He has appeared in different plays (Brother, Mine, South Pacific, A Christmas Carol) and films/TV shows (The Adventures of Cheap Chad, Moses Cove, 7 Rising). He holds an M.F.A in Acting from the University of Tennessee.

Greg Stfort

Executive Producer
Greg StFort has a passion for entrepreneurship, and community building. He founded LetsKeepBuilding (LKB) in 2014. LKB is a full-service marketing company that supports entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations. LetsKeepBuilding’s mission is to create spaces that support, connect, and inspire entrepreneurs from all communities.

Stephen Ojo

Stephen Ojo, who plays Adetoro, is an international dancer, model, and actor based in NYC. He has modeled for NIKE and has appeared on stage as a dancer for Rihanna at the Grammy’s 2018. He has danced alongside other artists such as Olamide, Bisa Kdei, Runtown and many more.